Loin steak (1KG)

30,00 IVA incl.

La lonza il miglior modo per assaggiare la nostra passione!


Product Description


The loin is the best product for tasting our passion!

The loin (or ”coppa”) corresponds anatomically the initial part of pork loin, and in this case we offer a slice of it in order to satisfy also them who can’t enjoy the whole loin. This sausage, that has a strong but not salty taste belongs to our diet from ancient times and it delights our palates as tasty snacks or delicious main courses.

Product of about 1.00 kg, the weight may vary as it is a handmade product.

ingredients: pork neck “capocollo”, salt, pepper.
produced in Alteta FM – Marche – Italy
IT92492L CE
meat coming exclusively from our farms located in the province of Fermo – Marche – Italy


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Weight 1 kg
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