Our history

At the foot of the Sibillini Mountains lies Alteta, an ancient medieval castle that has been home to our company for four generations.
Our adventure began in 1955 with Serafino Bastianelli and Annunziata Salvatelli, who decided to set up a mill with the sale of farmyard animal feed.
It was thanks to the experience of ‘sor Giuseppe Salvatelli’, a famous and respected sausage maker from Alteta, that we started a small pig farm. In the years that followed, with commitment and passion, we succeeded in developing the first herd of around 250 pigs.

Today, we keep the tradition alive with two pig farms that graze freely in the open air and follow a natural diet to guarantee their meat its unmistakable flavour.


Healthy and genuine products that respect the authenticity of our land

In our secret wine cellar, located right inside the castle, the cold meats and cheeses that conquer the most demanding palates are created. With care and skill, we let time do its work, transforming selected meats into gastronomic delicacies, patiently tending and seasoning our finest cuts.
We are more than a farm: we are custodians of Marche traditions and creators of unique flavours. This is what makes us proud of our family heritage and pushes us to pursue with determination our commitment to offer healthy and genuine products, respecting the authenticity of our land and its traditions.