First stage

We visit the farm, situated in Alteta, Monte Giorgio, where it is possible to see how we feed the pigs and look at their excellent living conditions. Our products are special because our pigs live in a special environment.

Second stage

We visit the factory, where the meat is cut and processed with the maximum accuracy to produce excellent sausages.

The maturation of the sausages is started in special seasoners and is completed in caves where a natural temperature is maintained. We have used the same cave for the maturation process for about 65 years, which allows us to give our products a special and unique aroma.

Third stage

We visit the shop at Piane de Rapagnano, where you can find a wide selection of all our products. At the end of the tour you can taste our products.

The complete tour lasts 2 hours and it costs 25 € per person, including the tasting.

For further information contact: 

335 6294193 – 334 8808498 – 347 3867894