Spicy Coppiette (0.250 KG)

12,50 IVA incl.

The “coppiette” are strips of very lean meat (loin of pork), which are tied in pairs with a thread and left to dry, hence the name coppiette.

They are then covered with pepper or chilli which will give it a unique aroma and flavor.

They are excellent as a hungry snack or as a delicious appetizer!

250g pack!


Product Description

The timeless “coppiette” are strips of dried meat, pepper and chilli pepper.

They were used by soldiers as food rations during the war, but also by farmers and shepherds.

Initially created from horse meat, of course, we offer them from pork, using the leanest parts.

250 gr pack, the weight may vary as it is a handmade product.

ingredients: pork loin, salt, chilli, spice blend
produced in Alteta FM – Marche – Italy
IT92492L CE
meat coming exclusively from our farms located in the province of Fermo – Marche – Italy


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