Traditional soft salami on gentle casing (1 KG)

25,50 IVA incl.

The soft salami on gentle casing is degreased by hand in order to obtain the ideal thickness and to be able to mature for a long time while maintaining its softness.

Product Description

Traditional but with a special touch: the soft salami is stuffed into a strong and durable sow casing. This casing is degreased by hand to ensure the perfect thickness and allows the sausage to mature for up to a year while retaining its irresistible softness. During this maturing period, the salami develops new flavours and textures that make it even better.

The weight of approximately 1.00 kg may vary as it is a handmade product.

Ingredients: pork, salt, spice mix, orange peel, preservative : E252
produced in Alteta FM – Marche – Italy
IT92492L CE
Meat coming exclusively from our farms located in the province of Fermo – Marche – Italy

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
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