Classic salami without lard (0.4 KG)

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Il salame senza lardello magro e saporito!


Product Description


Salami without lardons is low fat and tasty!

This salami is perfect for who doesn’t like the consistency of the lardons. This salami is made of medium fine grained wheat and it has a bright red colour. It is made of only selected cuts of meat and bagged in a natural sausage skin. It has an aromatic and spicy taste and it is ideal as a snack, a starter and with friends, and it satisfies even the most sophisticated palates.

400 g approximately, the weight may vary as it is a handmade product.

ingredients: lean pork, lard 8%, salt, pepper, chilli, preservatives E252
produced in Alteta FM – Marche – Italy
IT92492L CE
meat coming exclusively from our farms located in the province of Fermo – Marche – Italy

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Weight 0.4 kg
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