dry sauseges in sunflower oil (0.550 KG)

8,90 IVA incl.

the sausage in sunflower oil always soft and tasty …

Product Description

the sausage in sunfalower oil, has always been an integral part of the regional rural tradition.

Immersion in sunflower oil makes it possible to block the maturation and perfectly preserve the product for very long periods without affecting the original flavor of the product.

the proper use will be using one or more sausages and then place them below the oil level in this way will always remain soft and tasty … good appetite!

ingredients: pork, salt, pepper, spice blend, orange peel, preservative: E252
liquid : sunflower oil
produced in Alteta FM – Marche – Italy
IT92492L CE
meat coming exclusively from our farms located in the province of Fermo – Marche – Italy


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