Our history

Alteta is an old medieval castle, which is situated at the foot of the Sibillini Mountains. It has been home to our company for four generations.

Way back in 1955 Serafino Bastianelli and Annunziata Salvatelli decided to open a mill with an animal feed store for farm animals. They had the opportunity to start a small pig farm. They were helped by ”Sir Giuseppe Salvatelli”, a traditional and well known butcher of Alteta, Fermo’s old castle. After a few years they were running their first specialist pig farm with about 250 pigs.

Even today the pigs are bred using traditional methods, and are raised on quality cereals (corn, barley, soya and wheat), with the difference that for some years now they have been able to graze freely and widely outside.

For more than 60 years our history and our life has been involved in producing the highest quality cured meats.

The most important thing for us is that people can taste our products and experience the traditional flavours and food of the Fermo region.



Traditional production

Since 1988 the cured meats of our company have been processed and matured according to the old traditions, using the same ingredients as were used in the past, giving our meat a unique taste and character. We use ingredients like Mistrà (anise liquor), cooked wine, garlic and orange peel, but obviously the most important ingredient is a mature pig that has been bred and fattened in a natural way.

Our mission is to pass down our passion from generation to generation, hoping to be able to save the recipes that characterize the inimitable pork processing in our area from extinction.