Soft traditional salami in natural sausage skins (1 KG)

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IL SALAME MORBIDO TRADIZIONALE è quanto di più caratteristico si possa assaggiare della nostra terra.

Product Description

This soft traditional salami is the most characteristic product of our region that you can taste

This salami is called ”The Prince of the salamis” because of the sausage skin in which it is bagged. It is very particular, because it is degreased by hand by our operators, kept in salt and rinsed several times with cooked wine and flavored with orange peel. It is the product that characterize the most our production. This receipe is present in our region for centuries. The Latins called this sausage ”CIBUSCULUM” as denominative of ”CIBUS” and then ”PICCOLO CIBO” (small food)


Product of 1.00 kg, the weight may vary as it is a handmade product.

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Weight 1 kg
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